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Horse Cougar Eagle Spirit Mug, Native American Proverb Cup, and Great Spirit Horse Coffee Cup feature the artwork of Kim McElroy's, "Spirit Cougar Dance". This 11oz mug features an accented C-Handle that is comfortable to use, as well as an accented interior to add more contrast and character. This Horse Art Coffee mug features the Native American famous proverb by Blak Elk, "At the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit. And that center is really everywhere. It is within each of us." The story behind the artwork: This painting of Cougar depicts his life story. Cougar’s story is fascinating. As a quarter horse bred for racing, he was born in a domestic herd that fended for themselves on a Wyoming ranch. When he was four months old a cougar injured him and killed his mother. Somehow the young colt escaped. When the ranchers came to bring the herd in for the winter, they discovered the tragic death of his mother and found the remains of the cougar who she had killed in her fight to protect her colt. But there was no sign of the colt and they presumed he was dead. But the colt named Cougar survived against all odds alone through a harsh mountain winter, from a combination of instinct, intelligence, and ingenuity. He was found the following Spring with a herd of deer that had adopted him. His owner respected and loved his unique and wild nature and asked me to create a Soul Essence painting of him. In my meditation, I envisioned Cougar running, joined by the spirits of an eagle and a mountain lion, as a reminder of the gift of how he overcame adversity. .: Lead and BPA-free Be sure and check out all of our horse-inspired designs at My Horse World Etsy shop:

Horse Cougar Eagle Spirit Mug, Native American Proverb Cup, Great Spirit Mugs

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